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NXM-Nexus Mutual-[zh_CN]

Nexusn Mutual利用以太坊的强大功能,使人们无需保险公司即可共同承担风险。Nexus Mutual采用的是风险共担模式,背后有一个风险共担池。资金池由持有NXM token(Nexus Mutual 的原生代币)的社区成员管理资金池并投票决定具体某一笔理赔的有效性。

NXM-Nexus Mutual-[en_US]

Nexus Mutual is a decentralized insurance protocol built on Ethereum that currently offers cover for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, currently covering all the main defi protocols. Nexus Mutual offers coverage against smart contract failures, which protects against potential bugs in smart contract code.  The coverage intends to provide protection against financial losses that may be incurred due to hacks or exploits in the smart contract code. Note that smart contract cover only protects against “unintended uses” of smart contracts, so security events such as the loss of private keys or centralized exchange hacks are not covered. In December 2020, it released custody cover covering centralised custodians and lenders such as Celsius, Blockfi, and Nexo. 

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