BMX-BitMart Coin

交易量 USD
实时价格 USDT
状态 流通量 发行总量 最大发行量 币种市值
enable 173717944.1812 648054071.5053 890321356.5053 27270116.0635

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BMX-BitMart Coin-实时行情走势图

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BMX-BitMart Coin-历史价格走势图

BMX-BitMart Coin-[zh_CN]

BitMart Coin是BitMart交易平台发行的的平台代币,主要用于:优惠抵扣币市(BitMart)平台交易手续费和回购机制。

BMX-BitMart Token-[en_US]

BMX is an ERC20 based token issued by BitMart Exchange with total volume of 1,000,000,000. First issued as BMC in December 2017, BitMart changed the name of the token in January 2018 as BMX. You may find that the symbol name displayed in the smart contract and block explorer as BMC, but the actual symbol name we use is BMX. The reason is: our toke was named BMC, but then we find that "BMC" has been used by another project, so we have to change the symbol name of our token to "BMX".

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